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Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy

At Menon Regenerative Institute we use the state of the art stem cell therapy procedure with Biogenix. Biogenix is leading a new frontier in preventative and regenerative medicine. This ready to use product arrives frozen on dry ice. Simply defrost in 4 minutes and then inject. This procedure can take only up to 10-15 minutes!

No need to extract from the patient via an invasive procedure like bone marrow or adipose harvest. Our live nucleated stem cells also contains an abundance of cytokines and growth factors. We offer the most potent and vibrant live nucleated stem cells which is immune privileged / no HLA matching required. We offer 2 strengths to treat all joints, soft tissue, sports injuries, wound healing, anti – aging, diabetes, aesthetics, ED, neuropathy etc. Including over 122 autoimmune diseases.

Stem cell regenerative medicine has incredible potential for transforming healthcare through non-invasive procedures, giving hope to patients who suffer from past injuries, chronic conditions and degenerative disease. BioGenix advances this mission with a top quality , state of the art, cord blood derived product, utilizing the cord blood and Wharton’s Jelly (tissue) for a maximum MSC product.

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